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November 2010
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November 30 through December 3, 2010
Chicago, IL

CES 2011
January 6-8, 2011
South Hall
Las Vegas, Nevada

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HomePlug Shines at Broadband World Forum
The Alliance demonstrated multi-stream HD video distribution using multiple silicon vendors at its public exhibit on the BBWF show floor, attended by over 5,000 from 105 countries. HomePlug treated over 80 invited guests to stylish hors d’oeuvres and simulator-grade Formula 1 racing at its evening reception. In addition, HomePlug’s growing ecosystem of interoperable solutions – all compliant to the recently ratified IEEE 1901 powerline standard – were described in four separate presentations throughout the three-day event.
Reception guests enjoy Formula 1 racing, networked via HomePlug technology.
Rob Ranck
HomePlug President
The BBWF event attracted 128 exhibitors (up 44% over previous year), attendance by 130 Operator companies and press and analyst coverage from 80 organizations including BBC News, CNN, ABC, Sky News and CNBC.

“HomePlug powerline technology is widely deployed worldwide and its robustness and reliability are increasingly being recognized by operators who want to provide their customers with broadband in-home distribution capability,”
HomePlug Green PHY Rated Top Communications Protocol with Wi-Fi and ZigBee by Leading Appliance Manufacturer’s Association
In a recently published report, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) rated HomePlug Green PHY (GP) as a leading communications protocol for smart grid applications. Rob Ranck, HomePlug president comments, “The AHAM study endorses HomePlug Green PHY as one of the key network protocols needed to establish home area networks to support Smart Grid applications.”

The comprehensive study scored each technologyl in categories including interoperability, cost to install and operate, performance, ease of operation and use, security and others. It also evaluated each at the application, network and media layers. The study concludes that HomePlug GP, Wi-Fi and ZigBee score highest at the Network, MAC and PHY layers; ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 2.0 and OpenADR score highest at the application layer. The ZigBee SEP 2.0 application protocol runs over HomePlug, Wi-Fi and ZigBee networks.
For more information, visit the HomePlug Press Release
HomePlug Certifies Products Based On Newly Ratified IEEE 1901 Powerline Networking Standard
HomePlug has enhanced the HomePlug AV certification program to include products based on the IEEE 1901 global standard ratified in late September; this testing and certification will ensure multi-vendor interoperability of powerline products based on the new standard.

Finalization of IEEE 1901 is a major milestone for powerline networking and will help unify and stabilize the industry as did previous IEEE standards for networking (IEEE 802.11 for wireless LAN and IEEE 802.3 for Ethernet).
For more information, visit the HomePlug Press Release
Member Alert: A Few Kiosks Still Available for CES 2011!!
CES 2011 The Alliance will have a prominent exhibit at the very front of South Hall again this year and plans are firming quickly. If your company hasn’t signed up for a kiosk we have two action phrases for you: “Shame on You” and “Get Cracking!” There are still a couple of kiosks left (only $7500 turnkey for incredible exposure!) but you need to ACT NOW!  Contact Karin Hanson immediately and she’ll get you all the information you need plus the Sponsor Packet.

HomePlug has many great things to talk about at CES 2011: the HomePlug Green PHY specification; the development of HomePlug AV2; the certification of IEEE 1901 products. You need to be there to show the strength of our organization, the powerful momentum of our technology and the innovative powerline products you bring to market!

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