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2012 is shaping up to be a monumental year for HomePlug as well as the "connected home" in general.  What's new for HomePlug in 2012?
  • HomePlug technology is going faster...
    • Gigabit-Class HomePlug AV2 announced January 2012.
  • HomePlug technology is going greener...
    • Defining Smart Energy networking along with Wi-Fi Alliance and Zigbee Alliance as founding members of the Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability (CSEP).
    • HomePlug Green PHY is opening new opportunities for smart appliances, electric vehicle communications, home automation and control applications.
  • HomePlug technology is going hybrid...
    • Hybrid products coming to market combining the performance of wires (HomePlug) with the flexibility of wireless (Wi-Fi). 
    • Endorsed by IEEE per the IEEE 1905.1 Hybrid Networking specification.  Will reduce the cost and complexity of network installations.

Service Provider deployments of HomePlug AV on the rise, adoption of HomePlug Green PHY by major auto manufacturers and a growing number & diversity of retail products worldwide are just a few of the many validations that HomePlug is headed in the right direction.  We look forward to working with you to continue the momentum throughout the year and beyond.

Q1 2012 Highlights

HomePlug Alliance in China

As demand for broadband devices and services in China continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, as well as momentum around smart energy/grid applications, the value of HomePlug technologies in the region is clear.  As a result, HomePlug Alliance sent a delegation of keynote speakers, including some of the largest semiconductor manufacturers globally, to Beijing on February 28th and Shenzhen on March 1st to present on the latest advancements in HomePlug technology for network communications using the home's electrical wiring.  We are excited by the turnout and responses from attendees that validated the clear interest and excitement around HomePlug in China.  

A more detailed overview of the China Summits is available on the HomePlug website at: http://www.homeplug.org/about/china

International CES

Great location, compelling demos and exciting announcements generated a lot of interest at the HomePlug booth this year.  A dynamic speaker delivered regular presentations to the public discussing the many benefits of HomePlug for Multimedia Distribution and Smart Energy/Grid applications.  Of course, HomePlug's press releases regarding HomePlug AV2 (Gigabit-Class wired networking) and endorsement of the IEEE 1905.1 hybrid (wired + wireless) standard were major themes. 

In the News

HomePlug AV2

The HomePlug Alliance announced the availability of the HomePlug AV2 specification.  This new HomePlug technology enables significant performance and coverage for broadband networking over powerline wires while remaining fully interoperable with existing HomePlug AV/IEEE 1901 compliant products used in millions of consumers' homes and widely available worldwide from service providers and retail stores. 

"HomePlug AV2 is the much anticipated and logical follow on to the successful HomePlug AV specification," said Kurt Scherf, senior analyst for Parks Associates.  "AV2 greatly increases the capacity of home networks to support ultra-high speed applications by increasing the network's bandwidth and also greatly improves reliable delivery of that bandwidth to all areas of the home." 

Hybrid Networking (IEEE 1905.1)

The HomePlug Alliance congratulates the IEEE 1905.1 Working Group on its unanimous approval of the much anticipated Hybrid Networking (1905.1) draft standard.  This is the first and only industry standard that combines the mobility of wireless with the performance of wires to enable the next-generation networked home.  The HomePlug Alliance is pleased that the IEEE 1901 powerline networking standard utilizing HomePlug technology is featured in IEEE 1905.1 and is committed to supporting the certification, interoperability and promotion of hybrid networking products. 

"Consumers want the best of both worlds - the in-home mobility of wireless and the reliability and coverage of wired networks - so creating a single industry standard for hybrid networking is a significant step forward.  This will provide the capability for service providers, product manufacturers and retailers to offer more interoperable solutions to consumers, reducing the complexity and cost of network installations," said Paul Houz? of France Telecom-Orange and Chair of the IEEE 1905.1 Working Group.

DLNA Approves HomePlug AV Powerline Networking for Increased Digital Home Connectivity

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and HomePlug Powerline Alliance announced that DLNA has approved HomePlug AV to be incorporated into the next version of its Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines, scheduled for release in early 2012. 

"Consumers' desire for high speed device connectivity throughout their home is growing," said Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates.  "With an already strong deployed base of interoperable HomePlug AV products in the US and Europe and growing demand for connected services in China, including this technology in the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines is a great tool for delivering the Connected Home to consumers." 

MStar Semiconductor Joins HomePlug Alliance and Board of Directors

The HomePlug Alliance announced that MStar Semiconductor is now a Sponsor member and has joined its Board of Directors. 

"Adding powerline technology to our current line of home connected technologies, including Set-Top-Boxes and Smart TVs, allows us to offer service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers a complete set of options to deploy a whole-home connected environment," said Philippe Notton, Vice President of STB Business Unit. "Joining the HomePlug Powerline Alliance allows us to take an active role in driving the evolution of this important technology standard."

Other Recent News & Events

HomePlug Technology Conference, San Francisco, CA (November 8-9th, 2011)
We brought together a wide range of HomePlug technology-related topics with high profile speakers from companies including Broadcom, Daimler AG, Duke Energy, develo AG, EnerNex, France Telecom-Orange, GE Digital Energy, General Motors, Laboratoire des Applications Numeriques, LEA Networks, MoCA, NETGEAR, PG&E, Pike Research, Qualcomm Atheros, SPiDCOM Technologies, STMicroelectronics, The Diffusion Group and Wi-Fi Alliance.  The event was a success and feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to implementing feedback in future events. 

October 18, Ford Motor Company and General Motors added their support for connectivity with concurrent electric vehicle charging based on the HomePlug Green PHY (GP) specification. The announcement follows last June's announcement from German auto manufacturers - Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen - in support of the HomePlug Green PHY standard.

Netricity PLC
October 5 we announced a new certification and marketing program, Netricity? Powerline Communications (PLC). The program will promote adoption and provide compliance and interoperability testing of products built on the IEEE 1901.2 Low-Frequency Narrow-Band PLC standard (http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/1901/2/).

Smart Energy Profile 2
In August we announced a new consortium to deliver a certification program for Smart Energy Profile 2 (SEP 2), the standard profile for smart energy management in home area network devices. This includes wireless and wired devices that support IP-based smart energy applications and end-user device communications such as bridges, thermostats and appliances that incorporate HomePlug, Wi-Fi and other standards as underlying technologies.

Smart Homes, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (October 4-6)
We were a sponsor of this major European event and Cisco?s Ivar Beljaars joined a panel to discuss the important role of HomePlug technologies in the smart home environment.

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