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March 2011 

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IP&TV World Forum 2011
Mar 22 - 24, 2011
London, UK

Metering America 2011/
World Meter Design Congress

Apr 18 - 20, 2011
Dallas, TX

International Smart Grid Congress - Asia 2011
May 10 - 13, 2011
Beijing, China

HomePlug Solutions

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HomePlug announces this year's Officers & Working Groups Chairs

This year's Annual HomePlug Board of Directors meeting was hosted by GE Energy in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in February. At that meeting, the Board unanimously approved the following Officers of the Alliance:

Position Officer
President Rob Ranck
Vice President Mike Wilson, Broadcom
Secretary Todd Antes, Atheros
Treasurer Allen Huotari, Cisco
Vice President, EMEA Fred Onado, SPiDCOM
Vice President, Smart Energy Robby Simpson, GE Energy
Chief Technical Officer Oleg Logvinov, STMicroelectronics

In addition, HomePlug announces the following updates to our Working Group Structure and Chairs. These updates to the Working Group structure will streamline our current work efforts, as well as enable a more efficient process for new work efforts for the Alliance.

  • Marketing Working Group - Xavier Mongaboure, SPiDCOM, Chair
  • Compliance and Interoperability Working Group - Vincent Buchoux, LAN, Chair
  • Technical Working Group - Larry Yonge, Atheros, Chair
             James Allen, STMicroelectronics, Vice-Chair
  • Regulatory Working Group - Purva Rajkotia, Atheros, Chair
  • Narrow Band (NB) 1901.2 Task Force -- Oleg Logvinov, STMicroelectronics, Chair
The Technical Working Group contains 2 subgroups: the AV Subgroup, and the Green PHY (GP) Subgroup. All Working Groups, as well as the Task Force, will report directly to the Board of Directors. For more information, please send email to help@homeplug.org.

HomePlug Tech Zone at CES 2011

For the past several years, the Marketing Working Group (MWG) has organized the presence of HomePlug at the worldwide CES event.

In January, HomePlug welcomed thousands of attendees with the latest powerline technology developments and products. Among them were industry analysts and journalists who were very curious to discover the several demos presented on the exhibit. 

In addition to the demonstrations in the HomePlug members' kiosks, the MWG set-up an interop demo featuring adapters based on chips from 3 different HomePlug AV providers - Atheros, Broadcom and SPiDCOM -  seamlessly communicating together.

HomePlug would like to thank the sponsor companies Atheros, Aztech, GigaFast, Jetlun, Plaster Networks, Russound and SPiDCOM for their support and is already working on the preparation of next year's event. 

Interop Demo

HomePlug at the Smart Energy Summit in Austin, Texas, USA

Hosted by Parks Associates, the Smart Energy Summit is the premier conference studying the market for residential energy management with a consumer focus. This year's event was held on 24-26 January 2011, in association with Austin Energy.
The event featured a unique combination of market research results from Parks Associates' landmark Residential Energy Management service, along with real-world expertise derived from Austin Energy's Smart Grid, the largest working Smart Grid in the U.S. HomePlug was a sponsor of the event and was well-represented with 2 speakers:  Rob Ranck from HomePlug and Andy Melder from Broadcom.  Click here if you'd like to download Rob's presentation from the event.

CES 2012 - Sponsorship Opportunity

CES 2011 For CES 2012, HomePlug MWG would like to put together a new exhibit with sponsors representing all categories of member companies (IC providers, ODMs/OEMs, Service Providers, Utilities etc). This would contribute to show the strength, diversity, and strong ecosystem of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. The MWG offers to HomePlug members the opportunity to have a kiosk presence on this high-impact exhibit located at the very front of South Hall 1.

At the present time, the space is tentatively secured. To move on with the project, MWG needs a total of 10-12 sponsors. Companies interested in this opportunity are invited to contact Karin Hanson by March 30th. As an incentive, a 20% rebate will be offered for exhibits paid by this date.    Send email to Karin Hanson

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