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June 2011 

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HomePlug Events

HomePlug Technical Seminar
July 21, 2011
Taipei, Taiwan

IFA Consumer Electronics Show
Sept. 2-7, 2011
Berlin, Germany

Broadband World Forum
Sept. 27-29, 2011
Paris, France

HomePlug Technology Conference & Member Meeting
Nov. 8-10, 2011
San Francisco, CA

HomePlug Solutions

Visit the HomePlug web site at www.homeplug.org for more information and to see the list of HomePlug Certified Products.

Delivering Today, Defining Tomorrow

Our marketing theme, "Delivering Today, Defining Tomorrow" is designed to reflect both HomePlug's current market leadership and plans to grow even more in the future.

Delivering Today  Recent reports from Infonetics Research, Pike Research and In-Stat describe the rapid growth in wired connected home networking, and underscore the continued leadership of HomePlug. Day after day, HomePlug vendors expand the market with innovative products (over 245), stimulated by strong competition at the silicon level (four HomePlug AV certified chip providers today). Over 70 million HomePlug products have been delivered to date, and HomePlug AV/1901 has been selected as the powerline link of IEEE P1905, the first standard for hybrid home networks.

Defining Tomorrow  Furthermore, we're designing the next generation of technologies. The HomePlug AV2 specification will be released in Q3 2011, and HomePlug Green PHY recently got the support from Germany's major car manufacturers - Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen - as the technology for the charging interface of electric vehicles. That's a significant milestone for HomePlug Green PHY, prefiguring a wide market success.

The Marketing Working Group is here to strengthen the HomePlug brand, and communicate our technical and market achievements. Are you interested in becoming part of the story?  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have ideas for co-marketing opportunities to benefit both you and HomePlug.

All the best,
Xavier Mongaboure, HomePlug MWG Chair

HomePlug Spreads the Word in Europe

The European markets, especially France and Germany, represent a large share of the HomePlug products sales. In an effort to keep journalists updated about the Alliance leadership and activities, two press events were organised in cooperation with two leading HomePlug vendors.

On May 10th, Rob Ranck, HomePlug President, Xavier Mongaboure, the Marketing Working Group Chair from SPiDCOM Technologies, and Fred Guiot, PLM Manager at Netgear, briefed almost 30 journalists during a HomePlug - Netgear press breakfast held at the Hotel RaphaŽl, in Paris. There was a deep interest in the HomePlug updates and product demonstrations.

HomePlug Press Event in Paris

The next day, on May 11th, a press dinner was organised in the Paulaner Im Tal restaurant in Munich, along with Devolo. After an initial presentation by HomePlug President, more than 20 journalists joined him, the Marketing Working Group Chair and Christoph Roesseler, Director Marketing & PR at Devolo, for a stimulating discussion around all things HomePlug and powerline.

HomePlug Press Event in Munich

HomePlug at COMPUTEX, Taipei, Taiwan

On June 1st, HomePlug organised two events during Computex, one of the largest electronics shows in the world.

In the morning, a total of 130 people attended the "Meet and Greet" session to hear Rob Ranck, Todd Antes (Qualcomm) and Dr Chen (Chunghwa Telecom) present. It was a lively session with lots of interest in learning more about HomePlug technology and solutions.

In the afternoon, 15 journalists from tier-one media outlets attended a media briefing. With powerline and Smart Grid, two of the hottest topics in the Taiwan market right now, there was clearly a passion for understanding the upcoming HomePlug AV2 specification and Green PHY as the technology for the charging interface of electric vehicles. The announcement at the event of support for the Green PHY technology from the five major German automakers only added to the excitement.


Coming Soon - Mark your Calendars

Due to popular demand, HomePlug is planning two events to further education and understanding around all things HomePlug.

  • July 21, 2011 - Taipei, Taiwan - Dedicated to Taiwanese OEM/ODM engineers and business developers, the purpose of this event is to provide a "deep dive" into the HomePlug technologies. The capacity of the room being limited, please register online.
  • November 8-10, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - HomePlug is pleased to host another HomePlug Technology conference as a chance for new, existing and just interested parties to get an in-depth update on the Alliance technologies, activities and projects. This will be followed by a one day members meeting (November 10). For more details please contact Karin Hanson (email: karin.hanson@homeplug.org).

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